Comparison contrast of agustus of prima porta and polykleitos doryphoros

The artist of this amazing sculpture must have been a brilliant mind to create this image of such an important figure. The sculpture is also known as the spear bearer and is a depiction of proportion and harmony of the human body. The rendition of the hair and the form of the support the stump also assist us in dating this piece because they can be linked stylistically to other known objects from specific Roman periods.

Using the most obvious detail first, the statues of Augustus and the Doryphoros are both of heroic size, meaning not colossal, but also larger than human size. The philosophy of humanism developed, a philosophy which emphasized the importance of the individual in society.

The Parthenon on the Acropolis summarized the Greek ideals of harmony and rational order in architectural forms. This is why so few ancient Greek bronze originals survive, and why we often have to look at ancient Roman copies in marble of varying quality to try to understand what the Greeks achieved.

The marble statue, however, was found in the villa of his wife, Livia.

Doryphoros and Augustus Prima Porta

I am speaking of the garden paintings found in the underground complex of the villa. The demand created a thriving industry that provided replicas of and variations on famous Greek originals.

Augustus of Primaporta

Tweet Art reflects the culture, customs and values of societies and civilizations. After Rome absorbed Greece into its empire in B. Augustus of Primaporta is a strong and powerful piece of art, but can it come close to the power of his legacy?

There was an age requirement for holding office during the republic. The statue is an idealized image of Augustus based on the 5th-century BC statue of the Spear Bearer or Doryphoros by the sculptor Polykleitos. So the fact that the Parthia's are shown here returning the standards is a significant gesture of defeat and acknowledgement of the power of Rome.

Therefore, the Prima Porta statue marks a conscious reversal of iconography to the Greek classical and Hellenistic period, in which youth and strength were valued as signs of leadership, emulating heroes and culminating in Alexander the Great himself. Polykleitos had a very recognizable style to say the least.

The sculpture, which is in marble, is believed to be a copy of the original bronze sculpture Farber, The style and the technique may be replicated but the ideas that fueled the creation of this marvelous piece of art will never be.

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The Doryphoros combines the naturalism of the human body, at rest and in motion, with an idealization, based on theoretical perfection. Original[ edit ] The dating of the Prima Porta piece is widely contested because there is a representation on the breast plate signifying the Roman eagles' return by the Parthians in 20 B.

American Philological Association, He lived for the cause. And probably many, many copies were made and this is just one that has happened to survive. He spoke loudly with his actions for he was seemingly a selfless person who just wanted to help the greater good of the people.

The sculpture has a firm, graceful and athletic body that with athletic features. Style[ edit ] Augustus is shown in this role of "Imperator", the commander of the army, as thoracatus —or commander-in-chief of the Roman army literally, thorax -wearer —meaning the statue should form part of a commemorative monument to his latest victories; he is in military clothing, carrying a consular baton and raising his right hand in a rhetorical adlocutio pose, addressing the troops.

Both statues are also heavily muscled, which seem to represent idealized versions of the human form with regards traits such as power, athleticism, or militarism.

Also, the forever young representation of Augustus shows that he will always have power and fits in perfectly with his propaganda goals.

Kroisos vs Doryphoros

The sculpture, which is in marble, is believed to be a copy of the original bronze sculpture Farber, The last citation was the primary historical document.Doryphorus and Augustus of Primaporte comparison Add Remove From the list below, choose one Greek work of art and one Roman work of art and compare and contrast them according to the criteria listed.

A good example of such revealing forms of ancient artwork are the sculpture Augustus Prima Porta and the sculpture of Doryphoros. This essay will compare and contrast these two artworks to decipher ways in which they enable us to understand the religious and political orientations of the people who lived when they were created.

The sculpture of Doryphoros was sculpted in BC by a sculptor known as Polykleitos. And it was found in her villa, the Villa at Prima Porta.

DR. STEVEN ZUCKER: Most people now have just a photograph of their husband in their home, not a full scale marble sculpture. a sculpture that we now call the "Doryphoros" by Polykleitos from ancient Greece, a sculpture that showed the beauty of the body.

Augustus traced his. Compare these two works of art using the criteria listed below. 1.

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Greek Art: The Doryphoros (Polykleitos, BCE) 2. Roman Art: Augustus of Primaporta (c. 20 BCE) Answer the following list of questions (with expansion) to. Compare doryphoros and augustus The Doryphoros (Polykleitos, BCE) 2) Roman Art: Augustus of Primaporta (c. 20 BCE) Answer the given list of questions (with expansion) to assess your choices.

Be sure to introduce the works you have selected. a) What is the form of the work? Compare and contrast the Doryphoros, by Polyklietos, to the Augusts of Prima Porta. Order Description When comparing or contrasting the pieces, focus on the stylistic similarities or differences, and / or focus on how each piece represents the cultural significance Use an Art History Textbook, like Gardner’s Art Through the Ages, or .

Comparison contrast of agustus of prima porta and polykleitos doryphoros
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